Mantis air sea houses are located 8 km far from the airport of Athens and 10 km far away from Rafina port.

The Mantis air sea houses complex is built at a quiet street that it called Mykonos. Each guest has the opportunity to wander around the small streets and to admire the houses that are designed in a way to resemblethe Cycladic island of Mykonos. The area is suitable for families who need to rejuvenate next to the nature, but also for couples who love tranquillity and relaxation. We would recommend taking your camera with you as the area is ideal for photography lovers!

The property is 2.5 km far from the Artemis Beach. Artemis Beach is a famous beach for people who live in Athens. In summer timesport clubswith modern equipment and facilities organize water sportsand activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP and Kaya. You have the opportunity to participate in these sport activities or just relax by the beach,eat or drink.

We recommend walking the path that leads to the beach so after you can swim to the deep blue waters of Artemida.

For the guests who would like to have an education and informative excursion, we recommend the Attica Zoological Park. The park is 13 km far from the Mantis air sea Houses and it is the best way to become friends with the animals. In this park you have the unique opportunity to admire over 400 different species and to watch the animal’s lifestyle. You have time to explore the park with the all animals and after you can drink a coffee at the park’s café.

If you prefer to combine your accommodation with a short trip, we have the pleasure to recommend you the Marathon’s Lake (30 minutes by car from Artemida’s city center). You have the unique opportunity to admire the nature and feel the fresh air while Walking in front of the 2 entrances of the lake. In addition, it is always a good idea is to enjoy your coffee at the local café where you have the chance to experience the magnificent view and history of the lake.